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"Rose is the real deal. Not just extraordinarily gifted, but also highly professional, gentle, and careful, telling you as much as you want to know. she gives a thorough, accurate reading. She answered all my many questions without me having to ask one, and gave a wealth of more information besides, not just about myself, past present and future, but about my family too. She is loving and true. I recommend her wholeheartedly. Thank you Rose for sharing your gifts and helping us all." 
Burnell S. 
Hudson, NY 
All readings are private & confidential. At Psychic Readings by Rose, we're proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community as a premier provider of spiritual & clairvoyant services in the Hudson Valley, Woodstock NY area, Catskills, Adirondacks, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & New England.
"Rose is truly amazing. I've never had a reading done before but she nailed everything - timelines, names, incidents, etc. Some of what she had told me only me or a couple other people knew about. All I did was verify that she was correct in everything she was saying and I was shocked (in a good way!) She took the time to talk to me and made me feel so very welcomed from the moment I stepped into her shop. She radiates kindness, compassion, humor, and all things good and well. I highly recommend her to anyone, especially skeptics, as I promise you'll be blown away! I can't wait until I'm in town again so I can pay her another visit. Thanks, Rose! Much love for your warm heart." 
Miranda L. 
Broome County 
“When I first went to Rose, I was crying continuously, shaking, and quite suicidal,” Freda reported. “Between the PSTD I had suffered from Hurricane Irene, plus having been injured all winter, I was on my last thread. Rose helped me enormously. She is so gifted!” - Excerpt of Violet Snow's article on Rose in the Woodstock Times. 
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"Rose is an amazing reader. The best I've ever been to. I can't thank her enough. I would highly recommend a reading by Rose" 
Jackie P.  
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"I read the reviews. I drove by the shop many times thinking "I should go in one day." I finally followed that inner voice that insisted I visit her tonight. And boy, I'm so happy I did! She knew, just knew all about me and those around me. She touched upon things that made sense to me, but was unaware of previously. Bottom line, I left with much more than I was looking for. I was left feeling loved, feeling connected, feeling empowered. She's the genuine real deal. So I'm hoping if you're reading this now, you began your search the way I did, and I pray you find your answers with Rose. You have nothing to lose, but so much to learn. Blessings to you Rose for your service and your passion." 
Felicita C. 
Port Ewen, NY
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"I was In Woodstock with my boyfriend and decided to stop in and check out prices. Rose greeted us with a smile and patiently explained her services. We ended up leaving to get food first and Rose was so sweet and complimentary even though we hadn't committed to taking her services at all. There was no pressure, only good vibes! We ended up stopping back in as I was very interested in the aura and runes reading (haven't seen provided many other places). I've been to quite a few psychic and spiritualists given the fact that I enjoy the experience and their amazing gifts. I have to say, Rose was by FAR the most accurate and detailed! Everything she said resonated with me on a soul level and when given the opportunity to ask two questions, I was hesitant on how to word my second question, and In the moments between thinking and speaking, Rose answered my second question without me having to even verbalize it!! And in great detail at that! She also seemed to care from the heart when delivering her messages, which made the experience even more amazing. I'm not a super emotional person, but when I walked out and my boyfriend asked me how it went, I smiled and began to tear up (tears of release and happiness that I received such clear answers). Meeting Rose was a true blessing and I'll forever be thankful and now know that I have a very gifted person in my life that I can call when necessary! Thanks again Rose!" 
Brittany C.  
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"I thoroughly enjoyed my aura reading with Rose. I was walking around the village green and randomly popped in out of curiosity. She was spot on with all the details in my life and I left feeling more positive and re-affirmed with where my life is heading. If you're interested in a reading, I recommend stopping by her shop when you're in Woodstock."
Veronica W.   
"I've never been more pleased with a psychic reading. Rose was so sweet and was filled with extreme positive energy. She knew a lot about my past that had truly surprised me. Rose is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone, she is reasonably priced and is better than some of the top psychics I've been to in New York City. Great woman with a great soul." 
Nicole M. 
Long Beach Township, NJ   
"My business partner/best friend and I went to see Rose... Rose is a sweetheart. She blew us both away... You could feel her loving positive energy the moment she stepped into the room. We had individual readings that were spot on. Rose is a treasure. If you're thinking about having a reading you must see Rose!" 
Barbara B. 
New York, NY  
"The real thing! She is articulate, smart, and skilled in pulling "threads" of awareness from your psyche. She gets exact names--of our nanny, of our son's foster mother--and is able to present information in a way which is loving and non-threatening, and yet honest. I had a phone reading with her, from the West coast (where I live), and I felt as if she were right there with me.
Go, or call; you won't be disappointed!" 
Mark K. 
Los Angeles, CA  
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"My reading with Rose was amazing and accurate. She pointed out things that were so true. I would call her again to get advice. Thank you. I feel so much better." 
Helen B. 
Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands